Disabilities Association hold 3-day National Conference in Lokoja

Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD) will assemble in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital for a three-day national conference from 14th to 16th of April 2014.

Mrs Elizabeth Adegbola who is the Deputy Director of Rehabilitation Centre Lokoja said the purpose of the conference is to choose a new officers for various offices and positions, saying the conference entails the disables from the 36 states of the Federation.

She said 14th has been set for the arrival of guest and 15th will be the opening ceremony to launched by the State Commissioner for Women Affairs while the election will take place in KOFAB multi purpose hall in lokoja on the 16th which is the last day.

The Deputy Director said the state has make provision for a suitable accommodation and a very good security during their campaigns and election in the State.

Adegbola said they are expecting 10 delegates from each state with 10 escorts each to help the disables comfortable during their stay in the state.

She employ all the delegates to behave themselves and avoid any violence election that will leads to injuries and lost of lives and any aspirant that loose should take it as the will of God.

Deputy Director thanked the state Government for approving the Conference and hosting of the people coming for the election from various States.

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