Ebira Carnival 2013 to Showcase Cultural Creativity

ebira unityThe annual Ebira carnival will play host to various cultural troupe coupled with the contemporary carnival procession.

Ebiraland, the central part of kogi state, Nigeria will play host to dignitaries and tourists from all walks of life.

This year’s carnival which is slated for Thursday, December 26th, 2013 will showcase the diverse cultural life of the Ebira people. The pre-carnival event commence on the 25th of December with mountain hiking and picnic to welcome Anebira in diaspora while creating a social platform to mingle.

The carnival parade starts on the 26th Dec,with various cultural troupe displaying their magnificient costumes. The carnival parade will stop over at Ohinoyi palace and terminate at the Grand command reception venue,where the immobile culture will be

The organizers promise to make this year’s carnival bigger and better in content and quality of composition.
At the grand command reception,guest will be treated with cultural display,the Anebira arts and crafts,speeches from reknown Anebira, the Ebira kitchen with various delicacies will be on standby to provide refreshment.

Here comes that time of the year,when the Anebira come together in their multitude and in unison to create the largest social gathering of Ebira youths and Elders alike in celebration of the Anebira rich cultural heritage.

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