Ebola: Gov Wada stops sales and consumption of bush meats in Kogi

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Kogi State Governor Idris Wada on Wednesday banned the sales and consumption of bats and bush meats in the state citing the rising spread of Ebola virus which scientists say is transmitted through handling of infected wild animals.

“For us in Kogi, we have advised on the halt of sales and consumption of bats and bush meat around the post office area in Lokoja and all the local government areas,” he said.

Quite a number of Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the reality of the Ebola virus as many believe it is either a Western invention to exploit Africa through drug sales or a fictitious diseases being popularized through the media.

Reacting to these claims, Gov. Wada said, “ignorance and disbelief are the leading cause of the spread of Ebola. Reach out to your people in rural areas and share your knowledge with them.”

He said that the state has begun a sensitization of health workers who are now going round the rural communities to spreads the message of Ebola while enlightening the populace on possible signs of the virus. Responding, some Nigerians say that the Ebola virus is “a play being acted out by its western actors and directors.”

Afolabi Kola said, “America and their play… America created it so they must have its drug. Don’t be fooled by this white play, they did it just like in their film.” Another respondent, Daluta Haruna said, “We already know, this Ebola is not a natural disease. It is a disease created by the whites to facilitate the process of exploiting our resources.”