Ebola: Lagos Govt warns residents against stigmatising survivors

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Lagos State Government on Tuesday warned residents against stigmatising survivors of the EVD that have been given a clean bill of health.

The warning came against the backdrop of complaints of stigmatisation levelled by two of the nine survivors, despite being discharged and certified free of EVD.

State Commissioner for Health, Jide Idris, gave the warning while briefing newsmen on the efforts by government to ensure that survivors are reintegrated into the society.

Idris said government would not hesitate to prosecute any individual or organisation reported to have stigmatised an Ebola survivor in one way or the other.

According to him, “The social problem being faced by discharged cases has been reported severally. This ranges from stigmatisation, eviction from their accommodation, being asked to stay away from work and termination of employment.

“We’ve had cases of employers just terminating the employment of their staff who were just mere contacts, not even suspected cases. We believe this is unfair and we feel this impedes on their fundamental human rights.

“One thing I want to emphasise again is that the Ministry of Justice will take the matter up. Anybody, whether a discharged patient or a contact followed up, who feels stigmatised can petition the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of Lagos State and they would take that matter up on their behalf because it is not fair and it is not right.”

Warning on the dangers of stigmatisation, Idris urged residents to contribute their quota to ensure that all cases and contacts that have been given a clean bill of health to the society are reintegrated back into the society.

He confirmed that two cases of stigmatisation have been reported by survivors, adding that the cases have been referred to the Ministry of Justice for further action.

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