Ebola: NOA sensitizes people in Kogi on deadly virus

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The National Orientation Agency sensitized people living in Kogi State on Ebola Virus held on Monday 11th Aug,2014 at the National Orientation Agency, Kogi State.

The Kogi State Director of National Orientation Agency, Mr Ibikunle Medubi has said that immediately it happen the state government went into action and they also had a meeting with the commissional of health on work plan on how they want to do to sensitize people on Ebola virus.

He also added that in National Orientation Agency in Kogi state have firstly sensitized themselves locally so that they can know how to go about it and secondly,they should be able to sensitize the public on the Ebola virus.

The Public Relative Officer (PRO) of the National Orientation Agency, Kogi State, Mr Patrick Edogbanya added that stressed the need for members of public not to panic but observe and adhere to high standard of personal and environmental hygiene at all times.

He urged the people to be careful and be weary of eating bush meat in the family of Bats and Monkeys among others.

This is believed that the virus is transmitted to man through bush meat.

Treatment of Ebola high fever(EHF)is very challenging with both health workers and care givers at high risk.people should avoid rubbing hand on rail in health facilities and buildings is highly encouraged.