Edebiri Trusts Bendel United will Bounce Back

The Former Chairman of Bendel United Football Club, Chief Dr Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri JP,MON has declared that the team will be back soon.

The President of Edebiri Sports Foundation says the club which is the proud of the Benin people will be back, this statement he disclosed during the opening ceremony of the Oba Ovonranmwen gold cup Championship which kicked off last weekend at the palace of the Oba.

“You see i want to thank the local organizing committee of the Oba Ovonranmwen football championship which i believe players discover in this tournament will be part of the new Bendel United team that will be formed soon. I love the game of football as a sport man and i must do my best to bring back Bendel United.”

“I am happy to sponsor this Oba Ovonranmwen tournament to cerebrate the 100 years of the dead of Oba Ovonranmwen so that more players will be discover for the state and the country, so i still feel the absent of Bendel United in the Nigeria league.

“So that is why i added football as part of the cerebration of the oba ovonranmwen centenary celebration, so i wish all the teams the best of luck and those that will be pick to to formed the new Bendel United.”

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