Edo LG gets Sole Administrator

sole admin edoGovernor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has sworn in Mr. Iyobo Igharo as Sole Administrator for Orhionmwon Local Governmnent Area.

He is to administer the Local Government for two months pending the outcome of the investigation into the alleged trip to Italy by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and entire legislative arm of the Local Government.

Speaking after administering the oath of office on, Oshiomhole urged him to work closely with the Supervisors to bring development to the area.

According to the Governor “let me congratulate you for your appointment as the Sole Administrator of Orhionmwon for a period of two months while the enquiry we have set up is on to determine precisely what to do. I expect you to work closely with the Supervisory Councillors that are there and who are not affected by the suspension order.

“Between you and your Supervisory Councillors, it is now your lot to provide leadership for the local government and you are entitled to perform all those duties that the local government chairman is supposed to perform.

Oshiomhole advised him “I expect that you would consult, that you would be guided by the Ministry of Local Government under the supervision of the Deputy Governor and in all you do during this period shall reflect the aspirations of the people of the local government area.

“You are being called upon to do a very difficult task. As they say there can be no vacuum in leadership. I believe you have what it takes to do the job. But know, it is a temporary job. You try and look what are the long terms plans and what you think you can do. It is not your business to look at long term projects that your short term cannot accommodate.

“Let me be clear your business is not to take the local government money and share to party leaders or to do any of those things that are unlawful. Again in the procurement of the things that the local people do not need, remember you are there as a stop gap pending when the picture is clear and the government decides which direction to go”, he noted.

Explaining why he chose him Oshiomhole said “I believe we should use a seasoned person like you so that we can insulate the civil service from political exposure which in the long run may not be in the interest of the local government”.

Oshiomhole advised him to comply with all laid down rules and follow due process in all transactions so that he would not have any problem with anyone.

Responding, the Sole Administrator pledged that he would discharge his responsibility with diligence and promised to justify the confidence reposed in him.

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