Eight FIFA Officials Plead Guilty To Corruption Charges

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Eight FIFA officials have pleaded guilty to corruption charges which figures show some officials collected as much as $8m in bribes.

United States attorney general Loretta Lynch announced on Thursday, December 3 that eight officials have agreed to guilty to charges of corruption.

Before the announcement by Lynch, US officials announced that the network of bribery and corruption is enormous. It was claimed former Concacaf presidents Jack Moran, Jeffrey Webb – who has forfeited $6.7million – and Alfredo Hawit and three consecutive presidents of South America’s governing body are among 16 people already charged.

A current member of the Audit and Compliance Committee, the organisation in charge of financial accounting and transparency within Fifa, is also among those charged.

US Attorney Robert Capers said: “These officials were supposed to lead the confederations and Fifa itself with the fair advancement of the sport as a primary goal. The abuse of their positions of authority to enrich themselves, through bribes and kickbacks, they failed the institutions they were supposed to serve to satisfy their own greed.”