Elder statesmen tell Adams Oshiomhole to Ignore defectors

An Association of elder statesmen in Benin Kingdom, led by Chief Igbinokhuae Ediagbonya, Ohen-Igie n’Ogbeson, have told Governor Adams Oshiomhole to ignore defectors from his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying they (defectors) have no value to add to the development of the state.
The elder statesmen (Ohens) during a courtesy visit to the Governor at the Government House said they are amused that the defectors left a people-oriented government to join another party which could not make any impact for almost ten years in the saddle, assuring the Governor that they are solidly behind him as he has performed beyond the expectation of people in the state.

In an address, Chairman, Igiohen Association of Benin Kingdom, Chief Ediagbonya said, “for sometime now, we have been observing the decamping of some APC members to the opposition Party. Do not allow such melodrama to be a worry to you in any way, this is because our association is solidly behind you.

They maintained: “The defectors need to be reminded that the opposition couldn’t establish masses-oriented programme for the almost ten years they were in power but as soon as your government came into power, you swung into action by transforming the entire state into enviable heights that could be a point of emulation by other states of the federation.

“Before your coming as Governor, our state capital could not be compared to some local government headquarters in the country, due to the absence of a good leader.

Sir, your coming as Governor of the state made us to believe that a state could be developed even with scarce and lean resources. Majority of the indigenes never knew we could six-lane raods in any part of the state, or having walkways for the pedestrians in all the major roads and adjoining streets. Since you came, our roads cow compare to those in the FCT, Lagos, Rivers and some other states.

They said: “On security, we can now walk throughout the night without being embarrassed because the security agents are there protecting lives and property and in our homes, we can now sleep with our eyes two closed unlike the days of PDP.”

They urged the Governor to ignore the defectors, saying “for those that defected, leave them to their fate. Be rest assured that over 99% of the entire indigenes of the state are solidly behind you due to the way and manner you have transformed the state.”

Responding, Governor Oshiomhole thanked the Chairman and the entire members of the Association for the trust and confidence reposed in him

According to him, “Words are not enough to express my thanks to you sir, for all the words you have used and your recognition of the good works by this government.

“Let me assure you that you have just encouraged me to do more. I know that much is yet to be done, but by the grace of God all the projects embarked upon by my administration especially the Storm Water Master Plan will be completed before the end of my administration” he said.

He assured that more schools will be built in areas where they are needed stressing that his promise to Edo People is to leave the state better than he met it.