Emmanuel Amuneke drops more players in Golden Eaglets’ screening

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A mild drama at Golden Eaglets training session on Monday as some potential teenagers fell like pack of cards.golden eaglets-u-17

With players still coming in droves, the coaching crew was forced to give time for more trials but it all turned out to be a ruse.

Gabriel Adewale who is attached with Dynamics FC in Ekiti said the training regimen is not a child’s play, adding that the standard he met on ground is very high.

“Messi is really trying o,” Adewale gushed out as he was being helped by the medical team.” Laziness is different from maximum power and I can see clearly now.”

Others who failed to meet up with the schedule equally admitted that they were not used to the sort of training conducted by the Eaglets technical staff.

“Football is a practical thing and it was good that some of them were given the opportunity,” said an on-looker.

“Fitness is part of the game and it would never be easy to play good football without match fitness,” he added.

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