Evelyn Nwabuoku: Super Falcons can conquer Africa, World

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Captain of the senior women’s national team,Super Falcons,Evelyn Nwabuoku has promised that her team will regain the African Women’s Championship (AWC) trophy which they lost at the last AWC at Equatorial Guinea.

The Rivers Angels and Delta State born midfielder revealed in this interview with thefalcons 3 Super Falcons Media Officer Gracious Akujobi that she believes this crop of new players are on a mission to bring the glory days back to Falcons.

Question:Everyone wants to be the Captain of a big team like Super Falcons.Now you have been saddled with that responsibility,how do you feel?

Evelyn: I will say I am surprised.I was the captain when we went to Japan last year for the friendly match but I never knew I will be made the substantive captain.It is not my right but a privileged that I am made the captain of Super Falcons.I thank God for the opportunity to serve.

Question :Falcons are playing Cameroon in a friendly in a few days time and Rwanda for Africa Women Qualifiers in May,how do you think this matches will go?
Evelyn:It is just a friendly game and this is a new team.I believe it is good that we are having to play this kind of friendly with a side like Cameroon who are highly rated in Africa because this will help to assess the team before the main qualifier against Rwanda.This is a bold step and a good one too from Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and it will help us a lot and also help the coaches to assess the players.But I want NFF to continue organising friendlies for us as this will really help us.

Question: Can Falcons beat Rwanda?
Evelyn : Of course,it is going to be an outright win and I am optimistic we will beat them away in Rwanda and here in Nigeria.

Question :Your thought on the next AWC to be hosted in Namibia?
Evelyn: The next AWC will be a good one for Falcons because I believe in this team and the calibre of players who are invited now.I don’t really know what went wrong with the team at the last AWC but I think it boils down to hard luck.I have great believe in this crop of players because you see in them determination and they are ready to play.With time this team will bond and the coming AWC is where we will bring back the glory to Super Falcons. I am not saying other Falcons players who were invited before are not good the point I am making is that something went wrong with that team which made it look like the players and officials didn’t know what they were doing.I was part of that team that is why I said it was hard luck.

Question: how do you want to see this team evolve?
Evelyn: what I want for this team is that between now and the next two years I like to see the glory days back to Falcons.I pray that this my tenure as the captain of the team will be blessed with good outings at major championships and tournaments.I like to see a well coordinated,peaceful and different team which Nigerians will be proud of.
The World Cup is coming up next year and I strongly believe that Nigeria has gone beyond the stage of just participating,we have come of age and it is high time we stamped our foot on the world stage for people to notice us.
Everything is possible in football and we really have to show that we have what it takes to compete with Europeans,Americans,Asian and South American’s.

Question :You say every thing is possible,is winning the AWC possible?
Evelyn: Yes, I promise that the AWC trophy will come back to Nigeria

Question : Can Falcons qualify for the World Cup?
Evelyn :winning the AWC will make us automatic qualifier,so that is an emphatic yes.

Question :Is winning the World Cup possible for Falcons?
Evelyn: (Smiles) I can’t promise winning the World Cup but I know we will have a good team and a better outing than the previous outings we have had in the past.

Question: How many are you in your family?
Evelyn: we are four and I am the last child

Question: Is your family in support of you playing football?
Evelyn: If my mum where to be alive I won’t be playing football.My brothers used to beat me up but they got tired and let me be when they realized this is the career path I have chosen for my self but my father likes football and does not mind me playing.

Question: Do you have plans of going abroad to play professional football?
Evelyn: Yes I have plans to travel abroad to further my career.I any good club will do but I have soft spot for Germany.

Question: How many more years do you think you have to play at the highest level?
Evelyn:I am looking at playing for about 3 or 4 more year for the national team and then I will concentrate on my club football for some more years.

Question: How many teams have you played for before Rivers Angels?
Evelyn: I have played for Oladimegi Tigeress,Bayelsa Queens and Delta Queens

Question: Which will you say has favored you trophy wise and financially?
Evelyn : Rivers Angels.I have really achieved a lot with this club and I am grateful for that.

Question: Are you fulfilled playing football as your career?

Evelyn: I am very happy and fulfilled playing football.Football has taken to different countries of the world and has also paid my bills.I could not be happier.

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