Ex-Kogi Speaker, Olafemi reacts to attack, says Faleke is DIVIDING Okun People

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Kogi Governor-elect, Yahaya Bello with Former acting governor and Kogi Assembly Speaker, Clarence Olafemi

Former Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, retired Honorable Clarence Olafemi has taken a swipe at Honorable James Faleke, the running mate of the late governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Prince Abubakar Audu following a media attack.

In his response to a recent publication of ‘Melaye, Olafemi: Betrayal and opportunism in Kogi state’ in The Nation newspaper on 19th December 2015, the irked former acting governor of the state, blast comments criticizing his stance on the fallout from the Kogi governorship polls held a month ago.

While lamenting the attack on his personality in recent social media reports, he urged Faleke to stop causing division among the Yoruba speaking race in the state in bid to garner sympathy for his ‘personal interest’.

While citing projects and developments recorded during his short stay in office, Olafemi insisted that he has landmark achievement in the area while holding brief in office as acting governor, challenging the two-time serving House of Representative member to list his impact on the people.

“Naturally with my position as a former governor and former speaker and a member of a board of trustees (BOT) or our great party, all the progressive congress (APC) I would not have responded if not for the misinformation the content of the write-up has given to the uninformed public about the happening in Kogi state.

“First , the write-up laboured to portray me as anti-okun agenda, whereas in the history of Okunland in the last 40 years that I have been in politics no single individual who has attained office(s) in one position or the other, both dead and living has done as much as I have done for the Okun people to advance their socio-economic and
political development.

“It is on record that I have made the Okun nation proud by remaining the only speaker that served and completed 4 years without being impeached. It is also on record that when given the opportunity to serve as governor of KOGI state for just 60 days, I established the college of education (technical) kabba and the special science school mopa and awarded many road contracts in Okun land.

“There is no local government in Okun land that I did not touch in the provision of amenities; electricity, motorised boreholes, provision of transformers, and supporting all the ongoing projects in Okun land, which are not contestable.

“It is a sad irony of events that those now crucifying me in social and print media including that of the 19th December 2015 published in the nation newspaper ,cannot point to a single thing that they have done in Okunland that is worth mentioning since the issue at stake is now being personalized and they have resorted to character assassination of myself I wish to challenge Faleke to come and point out what he has for Okun people other than to import disunity and hatred among our people using his personal interest as a platform. I have tolerated with maturity the various attacks on my person on social media platform.

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