Ex-Militants leader sues for peace in Bayelsa Guber Poll

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A Niger Delta Ex-militant leader, Ramsey Mukoro on Monday appealed to the 20 contending political parties, its aspirants and former militants to eschew violence in the state governorship election billed for December 5.

Mukoro, a leader of Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Solidarity Front, NDESF, who spoke in Yenagoa, lamented the alignment of candidates with various ex-militant groups, citing such as a recipe for violence during the polls.

The NDESF leaders urged the ex-militants to avoid formenting trouble and instilling fears and apprehension in the mind of the electorates by remaining neutral in the electioneering campaign process.

Mukoro admonished the ex-militants to work in the strategic interest of the leaders by keeping their political preferences private, despite their right to support candidates of their choice.

He further noted that staying neutral will ensure a peaceful atmosphere for the elections and avail the most popular candidate to emerge through a credible process.

He however, condemned the move by various political parties using ex-militants leaders for political purposes during their electioneering campaigns.