Exposed: Why the FG decided to remove Aminu Maigari’s NFF Board

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The federal government has finally revealed the reasons for their decision to remove the Maigari led Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, according to a source in the Nigeria’s Ministry of Sports.
aminu maigari

Among them are insubordination, mismanagement or misspending of some funds, and withholding information from the ministry of sports and the federal government.

Trouble started for the Aminu Maigari, led NFF when the Super Eagles cancelled a schedule training session at their World Cup base in Campinas, Brazil demanding immediate payment of their share of the $1.5m appearance fee paid by FIFA to the NFF. The Senate president, David Mark, according to Per Second News correspondent in Brazil, lambasted the NFF for refusing to pay the players their allowance, but an angry member of the team informed the Senate President that the allowance is different from appearance fee of which the sum of $1.5m was paid to the NFF by FIFA.

At that point the Senate President, asked the Minister of Sports about the FIFA money, and the minister said he was shocked to hear that FIFA gave the NFF funds, he said he was only aware of the N2b approved for the competition by President Jonathan, one of the biggest budget by teams in the competition, to execute the World Cup. In a bid to settle the rift the Senate President and members of the delegation held an immediate closed door meeting with the NFF and some players. At the meeting can of worms were opened revealing that the NFF leader was motivated by greed.

Per Second News gathered that Senate President, David Mark, instructed that the Super Eagles should be paid immediately, three days after the meeting he returned to Abuja but was shocked when the Super Eagles refused to fly to their second round game venue due to unsettled financial disputes.

Rising after a dinner meeting at their hotel in Campinas, Brazil, the Super Eagles declined to travel to Brasilia to face the French national team citing the non -payment of their appearance fee.

The normal practice in the Super Eagles camp is to pack all their belongings a night before departure. The players vehemently refused to pack with the bus waiting endlessly at the hotel to transport their luggage to Brasilia.

The minister unable to convince the players from his hotel at Sao Paulo, sent an SOS to the Presidency in a bid to save the country from embarrassment.

Source revealed that an early morning call was placed to the captain of the Super Eagles by the Chief of Staff to the President informing him that the President was on the line to speak with him, after speaking to the President the captain hurriedly gave the phone to Stephen Keshi, who also informed the President about the issue. President Jonathan assured the team that funds would be made available to them before the end of the day, directing the team to embark on the trip to Brasilia.

As promised by the President, electronic funds transfer was made possible courtesy of the CBN governor by the time the team arrived Brasilia. On the eve of the crucial game against France players and officials were awake till 4am in an hectic and long sharing process.

At the same time, Aminu Maigari came under fire for refusing to give the Minister of Sport and the Senate President the reserved VVIP tickets, which he hid for himself, a former minister of sport and the speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly.

An official of FIFA said that the reserved tickets are Exclusive, which is for Heads of States, FIFA president, while the VVIP is for world leaders and representatives of Heads of states, while the VIP is the last in the order.

Maigari, also drew the ire of government officials by refusing to give seats to people wishing to fly to Curitiba to watch the Eagles despite appeal by the minister, choosing to fly an almost empty plane to the venue.

The NFF chairman, and one Barrister Green a technical head of the national teams hide under FIFA statutes to commit corruption and abuse of power.

A source in the investigation team on the condition of anonymity on Tuesday in Abuja said that Barrister Green, a close confidant of Maigari often boasted of his benevolence to the minister of sport, Tamuno Danagogo.

“ I always give him money,” that was part of a transcript of conversation between Barrister Green and a friend obtained by Per Second News, telling a friend how he gives money to Danagogo before he was made minister.

It would be easy to say that the continual display of disrespect for Minister of Sport, Tamuno Danagogo, by the NFF leadership is the ultimate reason the ministry is determined to change the group.

What else can we conclude about the recent travel to Costa Rica by the Minister of sport to support the Female U-17 team at the just concluded female world cup immediately after being made the minister of sport. Despite having the minister’s itinerary, the Maigari led NFF abandoned the minister at the Juan Santamaria airport in Alajuela, the minister waited for hours only to be recognized by a member of the House of Representatives, who gave the minister a ride in his cab to the hotel.

The minister was shocked to see Maigari and his members joking at the lobby with no arrangement for him. Per Second News chose not to publish content of the conversation between Maigari and the minister at the Hotel lobby in Costa Rica due to its embarrassing exchange of words.

Source reports that on Tuesday night the NFF conceal information about sponsorship payment from Guinness, Peak milk, TomTom and Globacom.

Meanwhile, sources in the ministry said that the Federal Government has refused to release to the NFF its monthly allocation for the month of July. The allocation amounts to almost N235 million.