FCT SWAN Berates Minister’s Cold Response To Probing Missing N60m Fund

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The Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN, FCT chapter has demanded an urgent probe of the diverted N60 million Europe Tour fund for the foreign trip of the U-13 boys in 2013.

However, two years after the FCT U13 boys had not traveled and are still waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.

The press body expressed disappointment at the slow pace and manner in which the FCT minister Alhaji Mohammed Bello has been approaching the issues raised concerning the state of sports in FCT, particular the missing funds released by his predecessor.

SWAN said that the association is totally dissatisfied with the current state of sports in the territory which they maintained is necessitated by outright poor leadership in the sports council.

They stressed that the minister must demonstrate his readiness to redress the ugly situation in FCT sports by first of all look into the whereabout of the money released by his predecessor for the failed trip.

Aside that, SWAN also urges the minister to investigate the whereabout of the N500,000 approved as takeoff grants to each 20 sporting Associations when they were inaugurated in the 2013 but never got to the associations.

“We are really not happy that small boys who worked so hard to win a championship for the Territory and were promised to go on tour abroad were treated this way. This has a way of discouraging other youths from giving their best for the Territory in the future.

“Again, look at the takeoff grant of N500,000 that was promised each of the sporting association. Nobody said anything about the money again after it was pronounced and the associations were left to fund for themselves. No wonder they are almost all dead,” FCT SWAN laments.

The Sports Writers argued that unresolved issues like the afore mentioned are the reasons activities in the FCT sports have been at their lowest level. And they have maintained that they would never rest on their owl until they see the minister make moves to begin redressing all the issue raised in this release and the previous one.

SWAN once again expressed confidence in the ability of the new FCT minister to put FCT in the right track of sports development. While also promising to assist the minister in achieving his goals in that regard.