Federal Government collaborates with Abia on tourism

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The Governor, Theodore Orji has said that Abia State has the revenue generating potentials as he calls on the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) to partner with the State in order to develop Azumini Blue River, Ojukwu Bunker, War Museu , Amakama Cave, Utuiru Cave and the Long juju of Arochukwu amongst other tourist centers in the State.Abia

The Governor asserted this when the Director General, NTDC, Mrs. Sally Uwaechue Mbanefo paid him a courtesy call in his office.
The Governor stated that Abia is a centre of tourism with all the tourism potentials for the world to explore and invest in, believing that the collaboration will make for greatness.

He reiterated that the peaceful status of the State that has surmounted its security challenges has made it ideal as an investment site, adding that Abia values culture.

In her address, the DG, NTDC, Mrs. Sally Uwaechue Mbanefo said that they came to seek the Federal Government`s collaboration with Abia State to make her a fantastic tourist destination as the nation engages in domestic tourism that will make Nigerians to visit their home sites to show that the country is safe and thereby empower the local grassroots.

She maintained that the project will create jobs for the vibrant youths in order to reduce poverty and and urban migration because of the attendant empowerment.

The Governor thanked the DG and promised that he will create tourism traffic in the State.