Federation Cup: NPFL ticket prime for Kogi United – Biffo

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Kogi United head coach Abdullahi Biffo has said his team will redirect their focus on securing a promotion to the elite division after crashing out of the Federation Cup on Friday.
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The Nigeria National League crashed out of this tournament after a narrow 1-0 defeat to the Nigeria Premier League side in a round of 32 match played at the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium.

“We are out of federation cup now. We are going back home and focus on our league, so that we can pick one promotion ticket in the northern region. Our hopes our promotion is still very high.

“We need to ensure a win in our double home games in next three matches. If we win in both games, our position will clearly show we are among contenders for the promotion spots,” Biffo concluded.

The former Giwa FC coach has praised his boys to the performance displayed against Dolphins, but admitted they lost to a good team.

“Well, it’s a painful result, but I’m delighted with the performance displayed by my players during the game. And you know football is either you lose, draw or win. If you look at our opponent, they are also a good side.

“The little mistakes we made cost us the game. If you look at the good game, the scores did not reflect what happen on the pitch. We have to take the defeat in a good faith,” he concluded.

The Wada boys are placed sixth on the NNL division A table with 28 points from 18 matches.