FG to partner Katzec in creating 2,000 jobs

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The Federal Government, yesterday, said it will partner with Kaztec Engineering Limited to create about 20,000 new jobs for the teeming unemployed population in Nigeria in the next couple of months.
Speaking during a tour of Kaztec facility in the Snake Island Integrated Free Zone in Lagos, Mr. Idris Umar, Minister for Transportation, said the Federal Government is always open to assisting indigenous players in all sectors of the economy, promising to provide all the necessary support needed by the company in ensuring the speedy completion of the fabrication yard among other facilities at the complex.

According to him, the benefits of this facility to the oil and gas sector and other sectors of the economy are quite enormous; it is going to be of immense benefit in the area of wealth and job creation.

“Clearly, jobs would be created directly and indirectly. In addition to the wealth that will be accrued to the investor directly, there is the ripple effect to the economy generally, because we are going to save a lot. A lot of capital flight is going to be curtailed.

“One of the problems we have in Nigeria is our inability to create jobs for our teeming youths. Having a private sector project of this nature, which has all these propensities, I think the benefits to the economy are quite enormous,” he noted.

He expressed satisfaction about the level of work going on at the facility, saying that the Federal Government will give all the maximum support needed to ensure that the project is completed within the specified time.

He said, “There is serious determination in carrying out this project. I can see the level of investment that has so far gone in and then the enormity of the potentials that are here.

“Particularly, the work and the business plan for this particular project. It is quite impressive. I can see from the explanations the project manager has offered and the rate at which the land reclamation is moving. More importantly is the programme of the project in such a way that is going to be run in phases. As you complete a segment, you put it into use, offering and creating job opportunities for Nigerians, in addition to making some earnings for the company itself and then to grow the project.

“I think the aspect of job creations is quite commendable and clearly here, we can see the development of local content that we have been talking about. Some years back, if you have told anybody that a Nigerian will wake up with such a vision, one will doubt it, but today you can see that a Nigerian has this vision and is clearly executing it, and I am sure he is going to make it.”

Mr. Edwin Ndukwe, Business Development and Head, Communications, Chrome Group, parent company of Kaztec Engineering, said the project will help reduce unemployment in the country, as it is expected to create about 20,000 indirect jobs.

He said, In terms of jobs, we are talking about creating up to 20,000 indirect jobs. We are plagued with joblessness in this country and here we have an independent investor mobilizing this massive work and ultimately we are going to have the training institute, which is the vocational institute, where we train capable hands , who will take jobs and apply their services in this country, generating revenue for themselves and the economy.”

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