FIFA Referee tutors Golden Eaglets

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Michael Usie, FIFA Licensed referee, has availed the Under-17 national team, Golden Eaglets benefits of his experience with a lecture on the stipulated laws of the game.
Golden Eaglets at Dream Park

At an interactive session at the team’s Princeville Hotel Camp in
Calabar on Tuesday, Usie a Nigeria Premier League referee and
International referee since 2008 dwelled on the vexed Law 11 and 12 which respectively emphasised on offside rules and; fouls and

“It is very necessary that you know the rules guiding the game because you make the referees’ job easier when you understand the rules,” stated 37-year-old Usie.

Usie who incidentally official the Golden Eaglets’ goalless draw
against Nationwide Division Two side, Anantigha Stars on Saturday,
used the opportunity to address glaring errors committed by the

He warned the players against taking the law into their hands since the only constituted authority is the centre referee and his

“Both the centre referee and the assistants work hand-in-hand and you must respect them,” he admonished.” In fact, the referee mostly rely on the assistants in determining off side position and irrespective of what you think, the assistant referee is as powerful as the referee.”

He equally warned the players against committing fouls since safety is the foremost priority of FIFA during and after matches even as he reminded that it was the responsibility of the captain to ensure proper behaviour of his team.

He added: “The law says there is decent by words or action as such; you must refrain from bad behaviour and displaying unnecessary anger against the referee.

“Of course, there is sanction for careless, reckless and violent
conduct and you must refrain from any of these,” he warned.

Officials and players thanked Usie for the instructive session which has opened their eyes to gray arrears about the rules governing the game and has promised to use the knowledge gained positively in the days ahead.

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