Fifa won’t sanction Nigeria, says Sports Minister, Danagogo

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Nigeria sports minister and chairman of the National Sports Commission Tammy Danagogo has dismissed fears that Fifa will punish Nigeria following the NFF congress impeachment of Aminu Maigari led board.
According to him, Fifa’s laws and statutes haave not been violated and the National Sports Commission has never interfered in the affairs of football in the country stating the extra ordinary congress was held in the best interest of Nigerian football.

“If you recall I returned from Brazil to meet a letter from NFF (Nigeria Football Federation) with Musa Amadu informing me of a court order against the present leadership of the NFF,” Danagogo told newsmen in Abuja.

“All of us are law abiding citizens and I had to allow the law to follow its course. So that is just it. I will not play any role in what is happening.

“We will try as much as possible as a government to allow the development of our various sports in a professional manner,” he continued.

“The professionals are discussing and I will only wish them well and hope that whatever they are doing and whatever decision they are taking should be in the best interest of the game and in the best interest of our country.

“Nigeria is a country where you have a big chunk of our population as sports lover. I am aware of the Fifa letter but the reality is that there is no interference and we will do our best to let Fifa know that there is no government interference and that the government does not intend to interfere and I can assure you I will not interfere beyond doing what is needful statutorily even by fifa rules beyond ensuring that there is a peaceful atmosphere,” he explained.

“A government has a primary responsibility of maintaining peace and order. If a court gives an order and two persons are fighting it is the duty of the executive to say stop fighting, obey the law and pursue your case.

“ What we are doing as government now is to tell both sides I mean the parties to this dispute is to say relax go before the court, go before Fifa and settle your matter.

“My Ministry is not interested in unduly interference in any sports not in only in football. We will not interfere in any sports because we want the best professionals to handle these games.

“ So what we are doing as a government is to say please both sides you are all Nigerians, you are all stakeholders, maintain your calm, maintain peace and law and order,” he concluded.

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