Free Health Services in Kogi, “Dividend of Democracy” says Commissioner

Commissioner of health Dr Idris Omede said the ongoing free medical service put in place by Kogi state government is a dividend of
democracy to be enjoyed by the people of Kogi.

He stated this to the news agency of Nigeria in Lokoja on Monday He said over 70-80 percent of the population of the people in the rural area have various health difficulties that they don’t have a means and cannot readily get a solution to on their own.

He stated that in a means to ensure that life is comfortable and improve the quality of life of the people of the state the governor Capt Idriss Wada has provided free medical services across the state for all to benefit from.

He said the free medical service has been scheduled for the people in three phases quarterly across the year to attend to medical situations in the rural area by taking the medical officials to them at their area stating that the second phase of the services has just commenced.

He urges the people of Kogi to try and benefit from all the health services Kogi state government has made available for its people.

He also thanked the health officials that have been working selflessly to give care and attention to these people in the rural area for their effort towards making the program a success in the state.

He said the state government is making all effort to fix the state hospital both infrastructural and health facilities because best of health services cannot be achieved without this two basic facilities in the state.

He said the state government has started has started the ongoing construction of a state diagonistic centre for the people of the state to get good radio, investigative and diagonistic services.

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