Free Medical Service: Kogi spent N181m on 111,500 patients

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The sum of N181 Million naira has been spent for the three quarters as at December 2013 for the Free Rural Medical Service Programme organized by the Kogi state government.hopspital

The Kogi state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Omede Idris made this while speaking on health care delivery Programme of the state government.

He mentioned that under this Programme, 115,000 patients were treated free of charge by the medical teams which involves surgical operation, Laboratory services and outpatient treatment during the free rural medical service.

According to him, the free rural medical service Programme was designed to offer free medical services to the rural dwellers and those in urban slums that can’t afford medical bills.

The Commissioner added that the Programme which was coordinated by the state Ministry of Health has brought relief to medical needs of hundred of thousands of citizens in the state.

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