Fuel Scarcity bites harder in Ogun

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Fuel scarcity in Abeokuta, Ogun State, bites harder as motorists and residents who need the product to power their vehicles and generating set, spent hours at the filling stations waiting for reluctant marketers to sell.
Few of the filling stations visited with prospects of selling the products today witnessed long queue as early 5:30am amid chaotic situation as station owners and pumps attendants laboured to contain surging crowd of desperate buyers.

Although, a litre of fuel is sold at between N100 and N110 in some stations while a handful of others sold at the official pump price but buyers had to part with N50 or N100 before they could buy.

At the NNPC mega station opposite the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Secretariat, there was long queue which began at the station on Abiola Way and snaked into the IBB Boulevard road stretching up to the Federal High Court opposite the Ogun State government Secretariat.

A second queue stretched backward into Abiola Way and beyond the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) building on the same road.

As at 11:35am this morning, a cab operator who had queued at the NNPC mega station told The Nation that he had been waiting for his turn for over four hours and may not get the product until the evening.