Fund halts Nigeria’s participation in 2015 Commonwealth Championship in India

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The Treasury Single Account (TSA) being implemented by the Federal Government have continued to take its toll on sports as the inability of the National Sports Commission (NSC) to access fund has halted Nigeria’s participation in this month’s Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship holding in India.

Having completed all the necessary registration for the championship while the country’s list of participants has also been certified by the Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation (CTTF), all these efforts are now futile following the lack of fund to execute the trip.

Already the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation (NTTF) has presented a young team to feature in the tournament but as things are now, Nigeria will have to wait for another opportunity to compete at big stage among the Commonwealth nations.

It was learnt that NSC has written to NTTF over their inability to fund the trip.

Taking part in the tournament would have afforded Nigeria the chance to throw up new players to begin to play at top level particularly against nations like Singapore, India and England among others expected at the competition..

For the chairman of CTTF, Alan Ransome, being one of the top playing nations in Africa, Nigeria is expected to spearhead teams from Africa taking part in the tournament holding in Surat, India on December 16 to 21.

Nigeria will be missing in action at the tournament as the West African giant would have use the championship to return to international circles after the 2015 African Games in Congo Brazzaville and.

Seven events will be jostled for at the six-day tournament while all eyes will be on Singapore, the Commonwealth champions.
Events to be competed for in India are Men’s Team Championship – Home Association’s Cup; Women’s Team Championship – India Cup; Men’s Singles Championship – Singapore Cup; Women’s Singles Championship – Oceania Cup; Men’s Doubles Championship – Hong Kong Cup; Women’s Doubles Championship – Canada Cup and Mixed Doubles Championship – Guernsey Cup.