Funding is our major challenge – Minners Association

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The National Chairman, Minners Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Sani Malali has said that funding is major challenge in the mining exploration in the country.

Alhaji Sani who stated this yesterday in Lokoja during the swearing-in of the state newly elected officials of the association, said the association is seeking other means of funding from international body to complement government’s effort.

He said the association is partnering with the Miner Association of Canadian in terms of funding, technology as well ability to invest in mining exploration, saying that has been a problem to mining exploration in Nigeria.

“We believe that it make sense for us to reach out to our colleagues in other part of the world to seek their collaboration. They have seen that Nigeria and African are now virgin area for mining exploration and exploitation. We believe that since the deposits are there, it make sense to invite our colleague in other part of the world so that we can work together.

He added that the synergy between the Nigeria miners and their Canadian counterpart would help to develop mining sector as well generate money and employment in the country.

According to him, it takes then long to seek partnership with international miners because we believe that the federal government would provided the needed fund for exploration but since it was not forth coming we have to complement their efforts through partnership with international miners.

In his speech, the State chairman, Musa Muhammed, stressed the need for government at all level to develop the sector if the desired goal of sustainable industrial development and economic stability is to be realized.