Gaddafi’s headquarters turn park in Libya

2011826154933115371_8The Libyan government has announced it would turn Bab al-Aziza, the main headquarters of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, to a park where families can take a walk or relax.

Minister of Tourism Ikram Imam announced the plan to journalists on Tuesday in Tripoli, saying all those residing in the area would be relocated and resettled after the Ramadan, to pave the way for its re-development into a park.

The six square-kilometre Bab-al-Aziza, located in the south of Tripoli, was a military base and the residence of Gaddafi.

The site has swimming pools, sports fields, luxury villas for high-ranking officers, gardens as well as offices.

The place evoked so much fear in the hey days of the late dictator that some citizens said they dared not look at it even while driving past.

However, it was reduced to rubles during the country’s revolution, as rebels stormed the headquarters in August 2011 and took control of what was then described as the last stronghold of Gaddafi.

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