Ghanaians troop cinemas to see anti-corruption film exposing 32 Judges

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Ghanaian cinema goers are currently being treated to a much-talked-about documentary that may have exposed a monumental scandal of sex, bribery and other vices in the country’s judiciary.
Ghana in the eyes of God: Epic of Injustice is a three hour film made by investigative and undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas after two years of gathering evidence on some of Ghana’s judges.

The film is being screened in cinemas free because broadcast stations have been warned about potential lawsuit by lawyers of those implicated in the documentary, which shows judges and court workers extort money and sex from accused.

Thirty four judges, among who are 12 high court judges, and several court officials are being investigated as a result of the evidence handed over to President John Maham and Georgina Theodora Wood, Ghana’s Chief Justice.

A case has reportedly been filed restraining cinemas and other venues from showing the film, with lawyers for some of the affected judges failing to get the High Court to suspend the investigation of those involved.

A lawsuit has been filed before the Supreme Court by Pual Uuter Dery, a judge, seeking to stop the investigation into the judges. Unsurprisingly, Ghanaians are keen on seeing the documentary, making the case potentially a long drawn drama.

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