GloNPL: 3SC’s Salami discredits Bad-boy Claims

salami gbolahan
Shooting Stars striker Gbolahan Salami has denied claims that he is a disruptive presence in the squad, while highlighting his contributions to 3SC.

The 22-year-old recently had his wages halved and was suspended by his club after going AWOL from training, and a history of misdemeanours have led to the Nigeria Uner-23 international developing a reputation of being a difficult player to work with.

Salami, however, says he had permission to leave training, and feels he is being singled out for unfair treatment by club and match officials alike.

“I think it’s necessary to put things straight because my image is at stake,” he told

“Nobody could explain why I was suspended since the club granted me permission to be away.

“It’s on record that I scored one goal in every round of the 2013 Federation Cup, which makes me the team’s highest goalscorer. I’ve also scored five goals in the league this term.

“I do my best to fulfil contractual agreement by scoring goals and helping others to score.

“People don’t know what I go through during matches. Clubs connive with match officials to upset me so as to ensure I’m sent out during league games. However, I try as much as possible to remain calm and concentrate on the game.

“Defenders even come hard on me and the officials fail to penalise them.”

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