Golden Eaglets settles down at Sheraton Dreamland in Cairo for Egypt Friendly

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The Golden Eaglets are lodged here at the Sheraton Dreamland Hotel and Conference Centre sited about an hour drive from the Cairo International Airport.
Golden Eaglets at Dream Park
The Emmanuel-Amuneke tutored side did not get to their new abode until about 11:15pm local time (10:15pm Nigerian time) on Wednesday night but have since settled down well at the pleasant environment.

The Sheraton Dreamland is within the ambit of The 6th of October City-in a private urban development area that is reportedly a few kilometres west to the famous Pyramids of Giza.

Moments after breakfast sans Muslims, who are observing the Ramadan, the team took a walk around the impressive Dreamland Park much to the delight of the players.

“This place is beautiful,” volunteered Douglas Uzama, an indigene of Edo state. “I have been to the amusement park in Benin but this is a wonderful place. In fact, this is my first time of travelling outside the country and I’m really enjoying it.”

Other first time travellers like pint-sized Sunday Ali, Henry Okebugwu, Jack Ipalibo, Chinedu Madueke and a host of others were pleasantly surprised while savouring the facilities on offer at the Sheraton Dreamland Park.

“It is good to be here with the team,” stated Madueke. “This was the first trip outside the country for most of us and you can see that we are really excited about it.

“But the most important thing is the matches we are going to play and I believe this is a good motivation for me as well as my teammates,” he added with a relish.