Gov Adams Oshiomhole inaugurates four Boards, read riot acts to managements

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Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State yesterday in Benin City inaugurated four Boards with a charge on them to collaborate with Management of the agencies for optimum result.
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Inaugurating the Waste Management Board, Technical and Vocational Education Board, Tourism Board and Environmental Committee, Governor Oshiomhole said “I expect that you will interact very closely with Management because the role of the Board is very different from the role of the Management. Management has responsibilities for day-to-day running under the guidelines that are formulated by the Boards. In some cases, there are some enabling laws that set up these bodies and of course, whatever you want to do must be done in conformity with the provisions of the law”, he said.

Oshiomhole added, “The Management are professionals who have responsibilities, who have special skills and knowledge to manage and to ensure that the organization achieve its objectives. So I hope that in the course of your own work, because sometimes in the past there were cases where we had tension between management and Board members. It is completely unnecessary”, he stressed.

He maintained that “The Board role is different and Management role is different but both of them are supposed to work together. So I trust that you will all realise that regardless of your level, all of us here including myself are all working for the same principal, who are the people of Edo State. We are all accountable to the Edo People.

He said, “In discharging your duties, ensure that you are adding value to the quality of life of Edo people because that is the bottom line. Of course you know that our Party is founded on the principles of popular participation. Other people may boast of their capacity to manipulate elections, we boast of our capacity to deliver on our mandate, deliver on public welfare and infrastructure.

“So, in all we do, we must reflect the principles of our party which is to work and deliver on good governance that the quality of life of our people in the state is improved on, quality of infrastructure, education, healthcare are improved on and we have the Board of Technical and Vocational Education which is a specialised area we need to refocus on.”

While congratulating the members of the various Boards and Committee, Governor Oshiomhole assured them of his cooperation and collaboration to ensure the success of their work as Board/Committee Members.

In their various responses, the different Chairmen of the Boards/Committee thanked the Comrade Governor for the opportunity given them to serve promising that they will not let him down in their various assignment.

They promised to justify the confidence reposed on them by ensuring that the quality of their various Boards/Committee is enhanced and placed in a better pedestal.

The Waste Management Board is headed by Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Ighodaro, Technical and Vocational Board is headed by Lady Tina Agbara, Edo State Tourism Board is chaired by Mrs. Jane Osagie while Environmental Committee has Comrade Murktar Yusuf Osagie as Chairman.

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