Gov Wada Advocates PPP in Health Sector in Kogi

The Kogi state Governor, Captain Idris Wada says that their is the need for private public partnership in the development of the state adding that his administration will continue to pay priority to health sector in the state.
gov wada dangote
Speaking at the Obangede General Hospital, in Okehi Local Government Council on Sunday during commissioning of the rehabilitated and equipped General hospital by Asimau Foundation, Captain Wada noted that his free medical service programes across the state is part of his promise to the people of the state that voted him as Governor of the state.

The governor who has empowered over 3000 youths including women in the state said he was exited with the Chairman of the Foundation, Alhaji Sannusi Abubakar for rehabilitating and equipping the Obangede General Hospital.

He noted that his administration has been working hard to see that all state owned hospital get attention.

He stressed that cooperative efforts from individuals and private organizations is a necessary since government alone can not do every thing.

Captain Wada opined that all meaning private, individual nod cooperate bodies to emulate the gesture of Alhaji Sannusi Abubakar noting that his administration will continue to pay attention to health sector .

The governor thanked those providing man power to health sector in the state. He assured the Chairman of the state government support on what ever he is doing for the state.

He assured the Chairman that his request to revert the general hospital to Specialist hospital will be look into by his Commissioner for Health.

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