Governor Fayose Alleges FG’s Plan To Upturn His Election

Governor Ayodele Fayose has raised the alarm over alleged invasion of Ekiti state and accused the government of plans to use a military panel to upturn his victory in the 2014 governorship election.

According to Channels TV, Fayose also warned Nigerians to be prepared for hard times next year.

Briefing journalists on Sunday, December 13, the governor said that there were attempts by the All Progressives Congress to use the military inquiry reports to upturn the judgement of the Supreme Court on the Ekiti governorship election.

“I am a clean person but what they are doing now is that they went to Kaduna and after all submissions, they want to now come up and say that military rigged Ekiti election.

“They are releasing their report very soon and they want to come back and say that, knowing fully that the military report holds no water in law, the attorney general of the nation or other agencies of the federal government will want that report revealed and that will be issued in Kaduna any time from now.

“They want to use that and approach the Supreme Court to review its position which is not known to law,” he said.

Fayose stressed that the governorship election in Ekiti state was the best and noted that foreign observers expressed confidence in the process. Therefore, he called on the federal government not to allow any decision capable of disturbing the nation’s democracy.

“I want to remind them that they are on the verge of destroying democracy in Nigeria. Nigerians, their votes and their views must be respected.

“If the international community said it went well and the US said it went well, I am saying it expressly, Ekiti election was the best,” he said.

Commenting on the recent elections in Kogi and Bayelsa states, the governor warned that Nigeria might graduate from “inconclusive elections to inconclusive governments”.

“I praise Faleke for standing out in the midst of darkness. I’m not saying that he won or that he should be declared governor. But, he is rendering a vital service to democracy. Look at what happened in Bayelsa state. I have warned about dictatorship. The consequence of dictatorship is the fall of the dictator,” he said.

Further in his interview, Fayose revealed that he has 16 predictions for the next year.

“Next year, there will be disobedience to court rules by the federal government.

“There will be the removal of fuel subsidy in the second quarter and growth in corruption and poverty.

“Power generation will be at its lowest. Our earnings will be worse and there will be mass sack. I will talk to the press on these issues later.”