GPL: I’m not Mohammed Abutreka, says Dolphins’ Naseem

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Dolphins hard working midfielder, Naseem Abutreka has cleared the air over his name which sounds strange for a Nigerian.

Popular Egyptian forward, Mohammed Abutreka retired from active football just last season after winning two AFCON titles, five CAF Champions’ League trophies, three Africa Super Cup trophies, seven Egyptian league titles, two Egyptian Cups and five Egyptian Super Cups.

However, Naseem Abutreka wants to make his own name for himself at Dolphins.

“I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding my name. People even ask me if I am from Nigeria or Egyptian because the popular Abutreka they know is the legendry one that played for Egypt.

“Abutreka is actually my grandfather’s name and I decided to use it when I became of age.

“I am Nigerian, from Kogi State. I am from a divided family, so to say. Some are Christians and some are Muslims and my grandfather happened to be a Muslim and went by the name, Abutreka. I just decided to use it,” he said.

Abutreka joined Dolphins last season Gombe United and boasts a high work rate, an attribute that has worked well for the team since he joined.

“I want to win trophies with Dolphins and I will play my part to ensure that this dream is possible,” Abutreka said.