GPL: Ogunbote unhappy with Sharks’ missed chances

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Sharks’ head coach Gbenga Ogunbote has expressed concern over his side’s inability to bury their chances in games after his side played out a goalless ninety minutes at the Dan Anyiam stadium against Heartland FC.

Both sides tried sizing each other up in the early part of the game but it was sharks that had opportunities to draw the first blood and on each occasion the attackers went on holiday.

Heartland equally had their own share of missed opportunities after dominating possession at some point but their attackers were just so shy in the box.

“I was worried I will not lie to you because if want to be a champion you must not be wasteful, we would have wrapped it up in the first twenty minutes because we had glaring chances,” disappointed Ogunbote continued, “anyway it is still work in progress we will not get tired until we get the desired result”.

Ogunbote, however the least nervous that his defense will cave-in following the barrage of attack in the closing minutes of the game and attributed the pressure to a collapsed midfield hence the decision to increase the number of players in front of the ball.

“I was comfortable believing that we will not make a careless mistake and we were trying to block because we lost the midfield and they kept pumping the ball so we had to block every of their move in the vital area to ensure that no ball enter our goal and we were able to do just that”. Ogunbote stressed.

Goalkeeper of the Sharks, Danladi Isah said he was dnot scared of letting a goal in as long as it was not just his business alone to ensure they come back to Port Harcourt with at least a point.

“I won’t say I was scared because it’s not just me, it is a collective effort from the defence, midfield and attack everybody contributed to the result. I will just say we did our best to protect the last five minutes.”Isah added

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