Group Issues Warning Over Alleged Nullification of Otti: Caution Urged to Prevent Unrest in Abia State

A civil society organization known as United Abia Artistes and Patriots has expressed grave concern and issued a strong warning regarding the reported nullification of the governor-elect, Alex Otti’s electoral victory. The group believes that the recent judgment delivered by a federal high court in Kano State, followed by subsequent denial, is indicative of a larger plot to subvert the will of the people and unlawfully seize their mandate.

During a press conference held in Abuja on Sunday, the group’s Convener, Osita Offor, and Secretary/Legal Adviser, Chuks Akamadu, criticized the Kano judgment as a distasteful joke taken too far. They emphasized that given the current sentiments among the people of Abia, such jokes are highly inappropriate.

The organization recounted alleged failures of previous administrations in the state, including prolonged salary arrears for workers and neglect of pensioners for over 40 months. They claimed that retired workers’ gratuities have been forgotten, while doctors and judiciary workers are on strike due to poor or nonexistent remuneration.

The civil society organization further alleged that government appointees have been involved in property acquisitions, construction of houses and hotels, and the purchase of new fleets of vehicles, while the general population suffers from inadequate infrastructure and a lack of basic amenities.

They asserted that the last gubernatorial election in Abia State represented a battle between a political criminal cabal that had oppressed the people and the Abians themselves, who successfully defeated this cabal on March 18, 2023, which they refer to as “Abia State’s Independence Day.”

The group firmly stated that the Kano Court judgment holds no weight and should not be given any significance. They affirmed that Otti’s mandate, bestowed upon him by the people of Abia, remains secure and cannot be stolen by desperate usurpers who are fearful of their imminent departure from power.

The organization cautioned the judiciary against entertaining ill-conceived lawsuits aimed at causing disruption and embarrassment. They urged the judiciary to protect the peace of the state and avoid being manipulated to act in a manner that jeopardizes the well-being of Abia.

“We demand an immediate end to mischief-making and any actions that could harm Abia’s democratic journey by the soon-to-be-expired group of political profiteers. Failure to do so will result in the wrath of the highly passionate Abia masses,” warned the group.

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