Group lauds Kabba PDP leaders on Tee-Jay Yusuf 2nd Term Endorsement

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The Tee-Jay Political Vanguard has commended the decision of leaders of the People’s Democratic Party from Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area following their backing of Honorable Tajudeen Ayodele Yusuf representative Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federation Constituency for another term in office.

In a statement made available to through the spokesman of the Group, Omoluabi Olabode Adeyemi are here below:
tee jay
“On behalf of the Tee-Jay Yusuf political vanguard, I wish to first and foremost appreciate God, the giver of life, the molder of destiny, the most talented porter and the one that has made all these to happen, I also wish to commend, appreciate and congratulate the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders in Kabba for their forthrightness, foresight and genuine endorsement of the candidature of Tee-Jay Yusuf for the 2015 house of representative election under the umbrella of our great and dynamic party PDP.

“I also wish to commend the calls from various quarters of our dear constituency, opinion leaders, stakeholders, social media community, party leaders, members of the public, youth group and every single person that have at one point or the other, through various means asked him to present himself again for a second term election based on what you called outstanding performance in the first term of office.

“I personally feel so humbled, honored and proud of you all, hence I have this singular prayer for you all that, people shall remember you for good things in Jesus Name, while we agree with the general observations and opinions on what God has used the humble and faithful servant of the people to achieve through consistent, committed, uncompromising and patriotic painstaking effort, we are also humbled and put on our toes by your suggestions, requests, constructive criticisms, observations, supports and prayers in the course of our legislative journey in the last three years.

“Through all these, we now have a story to tell, a story of success, a story of patriotism, a story of hard work, a story of great experience, a story of true knowledge of our people and their pains, a story of a renewed commitment and a story of our collective dream come true. But in all these we are more resolute, committed, reinvigorated and more focused than ever to deliver the true dividends of a parliamentary representation. It is true that his humble achievement and little but much appreciated commitments in form of projects are yielding their desired results but without being immodest, I wish to say that we still have greater assignment ahead so that these dividends of democratic representation will get to every nooks and crannies of our federal constituency. It is true today and now a reality before all of us that through proper legislative engagement and focused representation, our people can indeed benefit federal presence more than ever.

“Today, the Ogidi Ijumu ICT center is a delight of every residents and indigenes of communities around the center as access to information communication technology is now possible for young people in that area.

“As we address you today, there are three modern skills acquisition center in our federal constituency namely Oke-Ibukun, Okedayo and Iyara Ijumu with modern facilities to train our youth in various areas of skills acquisition for self- reliance and for increased productivity in our federal constituency. It is no gain saying that portable water has been a major problem to the people of our constituency, I make bold to say that today there are over twelve motorized boreholes across our federal constituency on the account of his astute representation. He has constructed over 40 hand pump boreholes in various communities. He has by the grace of God made available since assumption of office over nine transformers across Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu to ease the problem of power supply.

“We are also aware that walking around the streets in our communities is always difficult at night particularly in communities where there is absence of electricity, hence the provision of street lights in major communities are already completed. In view of the high rate of joblessness among our youths who have graduated from higher institutions, we have made frantic effort to secure reliable jobs in both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

“Today through the grace of God in him, he has successfully secured employment for at least 45 young graduates in various government establishments across the country. Also bearing in mind the fate suffered by the uneducated youth in our society as concentration is only on educated people, he organized lasting empowerment programmes that have promoted entrepreneurship development and have made several young people self-reliant in our localities, we also embarked on widows empowerment programme that have benefited over 260 widows.

“As we speak today, our missionary schools that have provided the best form of education have been deserted by secondary school students in search of what they now refer to as “Miracle Centers” before they can sit for WAEC/NECO examinations. This trend was the reason why he embarked on the “BACK TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE” for long holiday period to engage them in proper academic and career development, scholarship are given every year to best students with 48 people benefiting yearly, making it a total of over one hundred and forty four [144] students since the inception of the initiative, we also have facilitated the construction of one block of classrooms and two toilet facilities in Ekinrin-Ade, in Ijumu LGA. It is not a gain saying that we are more committed to the development of our people, we are going to distribute over thirty [30] cars towards transportation development in no distant future and several other empowerment packages.

Today his humble achievements speak volume and that is the reason upon which every group and opinion leaders are asking him to re-contest the 2015 elections. Hon TEEJAY Yusuf is more resolute, committed and serious with the mandate you freely bestowed on him and will always use this to promote the well-being of the people.

“Also, we have made two separate attempts to facilitate the electrification of Bunuland and other areas of our constituency that are still living in blackout, although, these attempts have not worked out but we have confidence with the help of God that, it will sail through.

“Today, as he has resolved to heed to the clarion and patriotic calls of our people to seek a second term in office because our his many achievements time and space will not allow us to outline here, we are not unaware of the political under-current and it effects on the aspiration of certain persons and certain quarters of our federal constituency, we are therefore grateful for the resolution of the party leaders for their timely intervention hoping that everybody concerned will heed the advice of the elders and work collectively with us for the sake of our dear constituency, while we agree that our constituency has the capacity to produce persons who could probably perform better, we are consoled by the reasons given by the party leadership as regards their endorsement also given the fact that our constituency needs proper representation hence the need for a two term rotational arrangement became necessary particularly now that every component districts that form our federal constituency have benefited from the rotation which started in 1999.

“By the grace of God when elected for a second term in office, it is his covenant with God being a faithful Christian to always hold firm to whatever promises he made to the people which of course is the major driving force in the dispensation that is currently on-going.

“We shall set up a mechanism through which we will have a census of the need of each community of our constituency with a view to aggregate them according to their priority which is expected to be the platform upon which we will channel the developmental needs of the people. We therefore wish to appeal to every well-meaning individual, group, political party and well respected opinion leaders and molders to please join hands with us as we open a new page in the sociological politics of the people of our dear constituency; this time around we hope and believe the newest ways of resolution and power sharing will unite us more than ever and bequeath to us such political maturity that is known with people of great intellect.

“We wish to inform that we need your constructive criticism, advices, support and prayers more than ever as it is the required tonic that sustains our legislative performances. We wish to once appeal to our dearly beloved brothers whose political interest of service to the people would be affected by this endorsement to see this development as act of God towards the greatness of our dear people.

“For us, we see political representation as a means to develop, promote, sustain and protect the fortune and future of our people particularly the common man on the street, we therefore assure you unequivocally, unambiguously and very emphatically that that the interest of the generality of our people will always form the most critical part of our activities and representation.”

I thank you all and God bless the people of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu.

– Omoluabi Olabode Adeyemi

Spokesman, TEEJAY Yusuf Political Vanguard