Kogi 2016: I’ll establish Better Life Programme for rural women – Olumoroti

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Mrs Funmilola Olumoroti, the wife of Engr. Olusola George-Olumoroti, a governorship aspirant in Kogi state has assured that if women could vote her husband as the next governor, she would ensure that rural women would be catered for in the government efforts for a better standard of living.

Governorship Aspirant gets warm reception at Attah Igala's palace
Governorship Aspirant gets warm reception at Attah Igala’s palace

Mrs Olumororti made the statement while addressing women on the need to participate fully in political activities so that they will not be pushovers in the next dispensation in the state.

According to her, she will endeavour to revive and facilitate the ‘Better Life Programme for Rural Women which was founded in 1987 by the first lady of Nigeria at the time, Mrs Maryam Babangida. It was born in the aftermath of the UN Decade for Women, which ended in 1985 with an appraisal conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

A programme which brought together students, leaders, policymakers and activists from all across the African continent and beyond and resulted in a set of declarations and strategies that were to serve as a blueprint for gender-equality programs worldwide.

The objectives of the Better Life program were the empowerment of rural women and the creation of national awareness about their challenges, rights, and opportunities for growth and self-development.

This programme she said will be activated in KOGI state with Specific the aims as listed out as follows:

1. To stimulate and motivate rural women towards achieving better living standards.

2. To sensitize kogites to their problems.

3. To educate rural women on simple hygiene, family planning, the importance of child-care and increased literacy

4. To mobilize women collectively in order to improve their general lot and for them to seek and achieve leadership roles in all spheres of society.

5. To raise consciousness about their rights, the availability of opportunities and facilities, their social, political and economic responsibilities.

6.To encourage recreation and enrich family life; and to inculcate the spirit of self-development particularly in the fields of education, business, the arts, crafts and agriculture .