How referee was beheaded during a football match in Brazil

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The events date back to the 30th June Globoesporte, Brazilian media echoed by Slate reports how a football match in the city of Pio XII, in the state of Maranhão, in the north of the country turned to tragedy.
Everything starts with the expulsion of a player. This furious rushes at the referee and dealt him a kick. But the official has more than one trick in his bag. He pulls out a knife and plant twice its protagonist.

The story does not stop. Faced with this show, fans invaded the pitch and the referee is lynched until his beheading. His head is also exhibited on a pole. The player stabbed also died while being transferred to hospital.

These incidents are very common in amateur football in Brazil. “In August 2010, an arbitrator had stabbed to death a player who had given him a kick after a decision during an amateur match in the state of Ceara” says the website Slate.

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