IBEDC set to provide steady 15-hour electricity supply in Ibadan

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The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has revealed that residents of the city will soon be receiving a minimum of 15 hours supply of electricity every day adding that it is currently working towards achieving this goal.

This was revealed by the Managing Director of IBEDC, Mr. Fortunato Leynes at a knowledge sharing event where a paper titled, ‘Strategic transformation imperatives: From public to private enterprise’, was delivered by the Executive Director of the Institute of Workforce Development, Tayo Aduloju.

Leynes said that there is an urgent need to improve power generation capacity to 5,000 megawatts in order to provide stable electricity in Nigeria and efforts were being made to achieve this.

“One of the major challenges confronting the sector is the absence of enough power generating capacity to distribute to our customers. We cannot generate enough revenue if we cannot do this. The other challenge is that we met dilapidated electrical facilities when we took over. A lot of money is required to reconstruct the electrical distribution network. If we do not generate enough revenue, then we cannot do that,” Leynes said.

He further added that, “The estimated generating capacity should be at the level of 5,000MW but what we have now is just around 4,000MW. Sometimes it went down to 3,000MW. Right now, what we have is around 3,600MW.

The activities of vandals are another major hindrance to the improvement in power distribution.

“We are working hard to provide more that 15 hours of electricity per day to our customers once power generation improves. We have more that 1.1 million customers but there are many others who steal our product because they connected light illegally. We will make them legitimate customers soon. We are also buying meters for our customers. Meter application is now through the credit advance payment for meter installation. Customers can now visit our business unit and apply. Under the scheme, customer will pay for the meter and we will return the money over a 36-month period with all the corresponding interest.”