Igbo Community in Kogi gets New Leadership

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The Newly elected president of Igbo Community Association for Kogi chapter Rtd Capt. Maximus Okochi has pledged to improve the standard of living of the Igbos in Kogi.
The president who was inaugurated as president on the 24th of November Made the pledge to news men in Lokoja on Saturday.

He said his assumption as the Igbo president is one of the most memorable day in his life as he prayed God to grant him wisdom and integrity to lead those he Described as “The most republican race on earth”

He promised the Igbo in the state that he will move the Igbo comprehensive Secondary school to its permanent site and boost Football among Igbo youth.

He said he will introduce poverty alleviation programs,partner with national inland water ways authority so as to enhance maritime transportation on Lokoja-Onisha water ways and a befitting secretarial for the community.

He said his election is accepted by God and even the devil, “Believers and unbelievers”. He quoted.

He thanked Igbo elders both present and past for their contributions to the development of the association.

He enjoined all and sundry to offer useful advice to the executive at every point in time they deem it fit.

He promise to extend hands of fellowship to his co-aspirant Chief Ozo Emma Dilibe, and assured that his useful input to the association will be welcomed at all times, quoted that “Election had come and gone; no Victor no Vanquished.”

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