Impeachment Saga: ‘Political Crisis could degenerate to Civil War’ – Ex-Kogi Acting Gov cautions politicians

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Former Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly, Chief Clarence Olatunde Olafemi has appealed to the political class in the country not to over heat the polity as the current situation calls for caution.
clarence olafemi

Olafemi who was a one-time Acting Governor in Kogi State made this appeal while speaking in a chat with journalists at residence in lokoja, stated the unfolding events and impeachment Saga in Adamawa and Nassarawa states are good radiance to bad rubbish that may spark up a political crisis in the country.

He cautioned the political class not to allow their personal interest to cause another crisis ,noting that the advent of Boko Haram in the country in the last few years only God knows the figure of those that have been killed especially the innocent citizens.

He explained that Nigeria is bigger than individual politicians, stressing that the politicians in the country should not allow the present security challenges and political upheaval to degenerate pre-1966 which led to civil war.

“I want to seize this opportunity to appeal to political class to sheath their swords and play the game by it rules. It is sad when i see the devastating effect of the Boko Haram. Let all the governors complete their tenure. let the opposition and government work together to chart a course for peace and tranquility of the country”, he noted.

He pointed out no nation will be ready to take 200,000 people of Nigeria in case there serious crisis,begging the political class to tread it gently so as not allow their actions and in actions precipitate into war.

He pointed that he was not out of politics, adding that he has been a grass root politician who will never abandon his supporters.

He disclosed that he will make his intention known at the appropriate time, dispelling the rumour making the round that that he is eyeing Kogi west senatorial district National Assembly ticket.

Olafemi who was a running mate to former PDP governorship aspirant, Alhaji Iash Jubri Echocho pointed out that he was shock with recent supreme Court Judgment, noting that he has been silence over political issues in the state.

The ex-lawmaker lamented that for how long would the judiciary continue to determine the fate of the politicians in the country, expressing that courts seems not to be last hope of common man.

“With trend of events in our courts in recent time, any aggrieved persons may not want to seek redress in law court. This is because because genuine complainants are denied of justice”, he noted.

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