India: Brothers-in-law rape newly married woman for ‘honour’

In a shocking incident, a newly married woman has allegedly been brutally raped by three men in her in-laws home in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The men who raped her are reportedly members of her in-laws family.

Sources say the village panchayat forced her for the marriage because her brother married his sister-in-law after a love affair. The incident occurred in Kamheda village of Muzaffarnagar.

The girl’s brother had a love affair with a girl and since both of them were major, so they eloped and got married in court.

Following the marriage, the village panchayat decided that Najama (name changed) should be married into the family of the girl who had married her brother. The panchayat also ordered her family to pay Rs 75,000 as compensation.

Najma’s family accepted the orders as they were terrified of defying the panchayat and also feared the girl’s family.

So Najma was forced to marry her sister-in-law’s brother. But then Nazma’s in-laws registered a case against her brother accusing him of kidnapping their daughter.

Najma was then allegedly raped by her three brother-in-laws. She alleges that her rapists told her that she was raped as revenge for her brother marrying a girl of their family.

Based on the victim’s statement, police have registered a case.

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