INEC Points out the Risks of Hate Speech to Electoral Process

INEC chairman Professor Mahmood Yakubu has highlighted the dangers posed by hate speech to elections in Nigeria.

Representing Yakubu at an iVerify project launch, the commission noted hate speech “threatens social peace and poses risks by inciting division and eroding democratic principles of equality.”

Key dangers outlined included undermining democracy through discrimination and intolerance, disrupting social cohesion, and provoking violence that can disrupt polls.

“It shifts focus from policies to inflammatory language targeting groups,” the INEC boss said noting trust in democratic institutions may be eroded.

IPC director Lanre Arogundade stressed the need to strengthen the fight against disinformation through capacity building, promoting media literacy, advocacy and collaboration.

He said fact-checking methods could help journalists present factual electoral information by sidelining biases.

However, embracing media literacy across sectors is vital to curb disinformation and guarantee credible data dissemination.

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