Interior Ministry Surpasses Revenue Targets

Joint committee of the Senate and House of Representatives has reported that the Interior Ministry exceeded its 2023 budgetary revenue goals.

Committee chair Senator Adams Oshiomhole revealed the ministry doubled projections for generating N600 million from expatriate quotas, achieving N1.195 billion by October.

Revenue from marriage licenses was also over N500 million more than the N380 million target.

During the budget defense, Minister Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo highlighted the successes. Lawmakers engaged in a discussion around regulating quotas to avoid foreign prisoners working in Nigeria.

Senator Oshiomhole expressed concerns about prisoners working if exports were involved. The minister then assured about job protection for Nigerians through the Expatriate Employee Network project.

It demonstrates efforts by the interior ministry to optimize revenue streams while addressing oversight issues raised at the legislative session.

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