Interview: Kogi artist, Cassy B dreams big in Entertainment Industry

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An emerging sterling artist is Miss Carsandra Bright Augustine popularly known and called “Cassy B” has in this interview, shared her dreams and visions on her musical career and views on Nigeria Entertainment Industry.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Augustine Carsandra Bright, a student of Kogi State University, 300 level in Department of Sociology, and an artist, am the last child in the family of seven, four boys and three girls and am from Kogi State.

How did you come about your stage name Cassy B?

The name Cassy B! Actually I got the name from my two names, Cassy from Carsandra and the B from my name Bright, that’s how the name Cassy B came about.

What type of music are you into?

I do pure rhythm and blues, which is R&B, although I do a little bit of dance hall sometimes, but talking about my main kind of music, it’s purely R&B.

What’s your view about the Nigeria Entertainment Industry?

Well I think in the whole of Africa right now, when we talk about music, I believe Nigerians are taking the lead, talking about hiphop, R&B, high life, dance hall and any other kind of music, Nigerians are just the father of all right now, but that doesn’t mean that the level at which the Nigeria music industry is right now is best, I believe there is more to music than what we have in Nigeria at the moment, Nigeria entertainment industry is not at its peak, we still have a lot of young talented singers and rappers who are yet to contribute their own quarter to the music world, and even more are yet to be born, in one word Nigeria Entertainment Industry is good right now, but not good enough.

Who is your mentor?

Well I think that should be mentors, I have about three people that I respect so much in the music world, the first is Cellin Dion, the second person is the late Whitney Houston, and Beyonce, but the main person that influences my pattern of music is the late Whitney Houston.

What should people expect from you?

I have a lot to give not just to the music world but to the whole world in general, for me, music is not just a way of making money and fame, it’s my way of expression and a way of reaching out to the world, so the whole world should expect music in another dimension, in a way it’s never been heard or felt before.

Where do you hope to see yourself in next few years?

Well in few years time, I can see myself soaring on eagles wing, ridding on music to all part of the world, delivering messages of love, peace, development, oneness throughout the whole word through music and good deeds.

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