Italian Coach Hungry for Africa Test, Even Nigeria

Coach Giovanni Scanu has indicated interest of handling a football team on the African continent as top on his agenda.

The Italian national told that, the potentials African players have when it comes to football only few coaches known how to use it and that for him is the attraction to seek a chance in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

The UEFA A License coach with Lithuanian Football Federation maintain that, he has the interest in Nigeria football not because he just wants to coach in the country.

The former coach of Atletico Nuoro of Italy insists he has for long been a follower of African football which according to him Nigeria is the best.

“Africa contributed a lot in the game of football, in which they have produced many players that make name in the world of the game. Players like Mikel Obi are among them and he is from Africa and Nigerian.

“My dream is only work in your country because African players can last for 30 years in active football, and also is a region that do many progress in world football, and I believed with the keen interest I have for the country, the fashion I have with the players also with my experience and qualification as a football coach I can deliver as a coach in Nigerian League,the 38-year old coach said.

Lately, expatriate coaches around the world have showed renewed interest in handling African club sides including Nigeria.

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