ITTF Awards Fallout: Pressure will bring out my best, Quadri admits

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ITTF Star Awards

Considering the challenges ahead of him after scooping two diadems at the 2014 International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Star Awards, Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri has admitted that the pressure of the laurels would surely bring out his best in major competitions.

The Oyo State-born player is at present shaping up for next week’s ITTF Africa Senior Championships holding in Cairo said he remained grateful to the fans especially the Nigeria media for the enormous support he got to clinch the highest award in global table tennis.

“It is true that the award is somehow putting me under pressure but working harder and harder will surely make me overcome the pressure. I just have to keep playing just like I have been doing without any fear. As a matter of fact, everyone is always nervous before every match and after some points the fear disappears and I seriously believe that the pressure will also bring out the best ever in me and just like I said earlier that I am still learning and this will surely help me more and more,” the Portugal-based star said.

For the fans, he said: “The support and votes of my fans all over the world really worked for me and this feat means I should be more professional than before and I really must work harder to keep the status I am now. I strongly believe I am still learning and I have a lot to of things to correct in my tactics and I can also say that everything is possible with hard work and prayers.”

He added: “I am using this opportunity to dedicate the award to all my fans around the world for taking their time to vote for me and I really appreciate them. I can’t do without remembering the incredible support of Nigeria media for their unlimited support and may God almighty bless them all. To the man, who introduced me to the game, I want also to say thanks to Mr. Oluwole Abolarin and finally I will love to appreciate the support of the President, Nigeria Table Tennis Federation (NTTF), Wahid Oshodi for his enormous support.”