Jonathan, PDP derserves votes of Kogi for Abuja-Lokoja road – Senator Adeyemi

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The completion of the Abuja-Lokoja express way by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led federal government was enough reason for the people of Kogi State to vote the party again in all the elective positions during the upcoming polls, Senator Smart Adeyemi of Kogi West has said.
Speaking at Giriyan community in Kogi local government of the state, Adeyemi said the Ajaokuta Steel Company which was 98 percent completed before it was stalled by the administration of Gen Muhammad Buhari would soon be completed by the Jonathan-led government.

He said when the Ajaokuta company’s work is completed, hundreds of jobs would be provided to the unemployed youths of the state

He said that the establishment of river ports, in Lokoja and ldah, in the state would also create employment for thousands of youths.

He called on the people to vote all the PDP candidates, saying that PDP was the only party that accorded respect to democratic norms and values.

“If you want our state to be relevant, vote PDP senatorial candidates, House of Representatives candidates, House of Assembly and gubernatorial candidates if you want the voice to fight your course,” he said.

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