Jonathan seeks Global Support for ‘renascent’ Africa

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday sought global support and partnership for what he called a renascent Africa that is moving away from dictatorships, bad governance and conflicts.
‘Today, we have a renascent Africa that has moved away from the era of dictatorship to a new dawn where the ideals of good governance and an emphasis on human rights and justice are beginning to drive state-society relations,’ President Jonathan said in his address to the ongoing debate at the UN General Assembly in New York.

‘This is the present reality of Africa that must replace the old prejudices and assumptions about the continent,’ he added.

The Nigerian leader said in the last decade, a sustained democratisation process across the continent had made significant difference in governance processes, institutions and structures.

He added, in reference to the theme of the debate, Post-2015 Development Agenda: Setting the stage, that Africa was convinced that ‘democracy is fundamental to achieving the requisite stability that will enable the realisation of a sustainable post-2015 development agenda in Africa’.

But he told the assembly that the ’emergent Africa’ would require the continued support and partnership of the international community.

‘An Africa that is no longer merely a destination for aid but one that is involved in constructive, multi-sectoral exchanges on the global stage; our continent stands ready to continue to engage the rest of the world as a partner in formulating a global development agenda that will guarantee peace, security and stability,’ President Jonathan said.

On terrorism, the Nigerian leader said the world must stand together to win the war against the scourge.

Nigeria is currently battling elements of the militant Islamic sect Boko Haram, which has unleashed a rein of terror on some states in the predominantly-Muslim northern Nigeria, killed over 3,000 people in gun and bomb attacks since 2009.

The UN has not been spared in the attacks by the group, which bombed the offices of the global body in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, in 2011, killing and injuring dozens.

‘We will spare no effort in addressing this menace. We are therefore confronting it with every resource at our disposal with due regard for fundamental human rights and the rule of law,’ he vowed.

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