Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu: Aspirant explains withdrawal from National Assembly race

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An aspirant for the House of Representative under the PDP, Tosin Adeyanju has explained his reason of withdrawal from the primary race was in view of ensuring his people enjoy more representation at the green and red chamber in the national assembly.Tosin adeyanju

The aide to the Minister of State for Power, Mohammed Wakili, admitted his decision was the product of his meetings with elder-statesmen and political fathers in the area including incumbent senator Smart Adeyemi, who won primary election to represent Kogi West Senatorial district for the third term in a row.

“My gratitude to the almighty God for his mercy and kindness, and for protecting me all through the period of my campaign and beyond. I wish to humbly appreciate the good people of my Constituency, the leadership of my Party at the Ward level, Local government, State and at the National level, compatriots who contributed gracefully to my campaign, my supporters and friends within and outside Nigeria, my Coordinators in the 30 Wards, members of my family, my wife and children.

“It was a worthy experience for me as an aspirant who participated in the process leading to my party primaries on December 6, 2014. It afforded me the unique opportunity to know more about my people, share their concerns and appreciate their ingenuity.

“Beyond the campaign to win the ticket of the PDP, my moving around the villages and towns, afforded me the opportunity to touch more lives and build new political family. If that was the only reason I participated in the political process, then I think I am fulfilled.

“However, I owe you all an explanation why I withdrew on the day of primary, having campaigned vigorously and spent hard earned resources. I delayed issuing out a personal statement, because I chose to first meet all the people who supported and contributed to my campaign individually to express my profound appreciation and explain the basis of my action.

“I stepped down based on the intervention of Senator Smart Adeyemi, community, opinion leaders, party elders, my local government chairman and stakeholders of my local government.

“I was responsibly prevailed upon to step down, so that Kabba/Bunu can give total support to our amiable Senator Smart 3rd term bid effectively and easily return to the Senate without any impediment.

“The House of Representative ticket was meant for my local government, Ijumu, where Senator Smart also comes from based on previous arrangement; but it will not be politically correct for the local government to equally keep the Senate ticket in a constituency that is very sensitive with zoning.

“There are two local governments in my constituency. I therefore conceded to the choice of the local government stakeholders to retain the big pie and allow Kabba-Bunu to have the House of Representative ticket.

“It was a sacrifice in the overall interest of my people and I have no regret for doing it. However, I share the pain of my supporters and well-wishers.

“I assure you all that what we have ahead is better than what we missed. I respectfully thank the good people of my constituency and I congratulate Sen. Smart Adeyemi and Hon Tj Yusuf for a deserved victory at the primaries. I assure all candidates under our party from the Presidency to the House of Assembly that I will work very hard for your success in my constituency and areas of influence,” he concluded.

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